A beautifully hand crafted armchair set carved out of  beech hardwood.This unique piece is heavy and sturdy but very comfortable to sit on due to the wide base. A statement piece for your living room or bedroom. Product dimensions is definitely customizable  as we produce-to-order. You’ll love the meticulous attention to detail in this exquisite hand-carved armchair set. Made from beautiful beech wood and finished to perfection, this prized piece of living room furniture is sure to set the right mood for your home decor. With its curved arms and legs and craved look, this beautifully designed Venetian Craved Accent Chair Set will be a beau addition to any house. The Venetian chair features a hand=craved solid wood frame, padded fabric seat, upholstered arms and an Antique beech finished. We have been producing this set for many showrooms in Europe and Far East. It could be ordered unfinished or totally finished based on specifications required. With environment-friendly raw materials and handmade craved arts we put our continuous efforts satisfying our customers needs and make it potentially qualified with highest quality.


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