About MACF



From the heart of the flagship furniture city to the world

From Damietta to world …

We admit we are able to create an atmosphere of  legend Orient Art charm mixed with luxury.

Inspiration, craftsmanship and innovation: these are the values that have set MACF’s apart for over 20 years. The MACF’s Interior Design Studio has been operating  for over 20 years and has become synonymous with classic, elegant living and innovative design. 

The design team have a wealth of experience managing commercial and domestic projects within the Middle East and overseas. They are able to complete any type of scheme, ranging from single chair to entire set spaces, and their design portfolio includes luxury private homes. The MACF Interior Design Studio offers a fully comprehensive service. Our designers manage the whole project from initial brief to delivery. All aspects of a scheme are considered and supervised. The heritage of the craftsmanship is the value after all.

We see wood as the raw material for shaping piece-of-arts of furniture stuff. We are busy with every single detail, paying attention to woody imagination. Our philosophy lies within the shadows of handy engraved wooden pieces with its light on our customer eyes.

We are here waiting for your comments, thoughtful ideas, remarks and requests …




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